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Beginning in April 2013 every Mid-Hudson Library System member library will have free access (for 2 years) to the online product LibraryAware.

What is LibraryAware?
LibraryAware is an easy-to-use, online service designed to meet libraries’ online, print, and social media promotional needs. It helps you create, deliver, and measure the success of your promotional campaigns. Use LibraryAware to help your community discover all the programs, products and services you have to offer.

How do I activate my account?
Member Library Directors should contact Kerstin Cruger, Mid-Hudson Library System Marketing & Program Assistant at or 845.471.6060 x250.

How do I access my account once activated?
Visit Log in with your email and password.

System Requirements
- Google Chrome (Note: The LibraryAware interface works best with Chrome version 20.0 or above.)
- Internet Explorer 10 or later
- Firefox 23 or later

How do I give other staff members access to our LibraryAware account?

  1. Select Admin from the top of the LibraryAware page, then click the Organization Access link on the left.
  2. In the Invitee Email Addresses box, enter the email addresses for the users you want to invite. Multiple email addresses must be separated by semicolons or commas.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select the Role (see below for definitions) that you would like to assign these users. Note: All of these users will be assigned the same role. If you would like to assign some users to a different role, send invitations to those users separately.
  4. Click the Send Invitations button.

Staff members will receive an email invitation from LibraryAware. Follow the instructions in the email to gain access to your library's account.

What user Role should I designate staff members?
Below is a list of definitions for the different user roles in LibraryAware. There is no limit to the number of accounts assigned to each role.

Does LibraryAware offer training?
Yes! LibraryAware hosts webinars throughout the year. To check out a calendar of events and to register for a webinar:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose Support & Training found under the Learn More section
  3. Click on Training

Need help?
Choose Help and Support (at the bottom of the screen) when you are logged into your LibraryAware account. You can ask (or search) a specific question or view directions and tutorials through the Knowledge Base. All administrators will receive important updates and information from LibraryAware via email. If you are not receiving messages make sure you add to your approved emails or 'white list' in your email account.

If you have any immediate questions or concerns please feel free to contact Kerstin Cruger ( at the Mid-Hudson Library System. We are always happy to help!