MHLS Home LSTA Project (FY 2005-2007)
Getting To Yes

Sample Messages

Slogan: Pleasant Valley Library: Every Day

Message 1: The community uses the library every day
1. At least one new library card is issued every day
2. New families say the library is their first stop in town
3. 150% more people use the library today than in 2001

Message 2: Our children need the library every day
1. Children's programs and circulation has doubled in three years
2. Library needs to enhance staffing to better serve our children

Message 3: Our building is used every day
1. Wear and tear has taken a toll
2. Lack of building funds has caused early closings
3. Need funds to repair problems and maintain building
Slogan: Yes, It's Your Library!
Message 1: It's Your Library!
1. You use the library 6 days a week
2. You take out more books, CDs and DVDs than ever before
3. You access the internet

Message 2: It's Your Tax Dollars
1. The library maximizes every penny of your hard-earned tax dollars
2. X% increase ($_____) restores lost funding that has hurt our ability to meet your demands
3. Investing in a stronger community

Message 3: It's Your Yes Vote that Makes the Difference
1. Respond to what you want-more CD audio books, more DVDs
2. Provide our children with up to date books and reference materials for their growth and education
3. Protect our nest egg for the future and a much needed new building
Slogan: Butterfield Library: Here Today. Tomorrow Is Up to You.
Message 1: You Use It
1. Library usage has increase X% since 2000 or last five years
2. Community groups meet here, tutoring happens here, school programs take place here . . .
3. Cultural and educational program attendance up by X%

Message 2: You Value It
1.You know it's here for you
2.You get a great return on investment for your hard-earned tax dollars
3.You want the library to grow with the community

Message 3: You Can Secure It
1. Your vote provides crucial library funding
2. Your vote invests in a stronger community
3.Your vote protects what's yours

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