The Mid-Hudson Library System & Your Library

The Mid-Hudson Library System (MHLS) is an organization dedicated to making your local library better while saving your local tax dollars.

We estimate that without the System your community would have to pay an additional 33% to continue the level of library service you currently receive.

Since 1959 MHLS has worked with its member libraries to insure:

  • the public's right to free access
  • economical resource sharing and
  • professional library services

How do we do this?

  • Online Library Catalog & Request-a-Title
    • Choose from over 2.25 million items in the shared online library catalog and have what you want delivered to your library.
    • Delivery Service for 66 member libraries [MHLS Delivery = one-seventh the cost of mailing items between libraries.]
    • Member libraries save their communities over $12 million annually by sharing items.
  • Out-of-System Interlibrary Loan
  • HOMEACCESS: a collection of online databases that you, the patron, can access from any Internet-connected computer. The databases contain thousands of full-text magazines, hundreds of full-text newspapers and dozens of full-text reference books - all available 24/7 through your library's web site.
  • Workshops and professional consultations for the staff and trustees of member libraries
  • Support for kids, tween and teen programming at your library

The System is 100% funded through New York State. If you have benefitted from any of the above services please take the time to let your legislators know.